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Neutralization of Hepatitis C through a Synthetic Peptide Potent Vaccine by Structural Designing of Disease Causing Strain Hepc1 (Isolate 1)

T. Karishma*, M. Lakshmi Bhavani , S, Vamsi Krishna, M. Padmavathi

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Hepatitis C virus (isolate 1) strain is a virus which has a genomic configuration of RNA by causing a disease in humans as Hepatitis C. Hep C is very dangerous and there is no vaccine yet discovered. This Hep C is passed through contaminated blood i.e. only blood is the mode of transmission for this virus which occurs due to sexual contact. This virus transcribes number of proteins which are responsible for various attributes it contains 3 structural and 7- non structural gene among which core protein E1, E2 and p7 are structural proteins and p23, p70, p8, p27, p56/58, p68 are non structural forms. By using all these proteins this Hep C virus causing all sorts of liver diseases, but still there is no specific vaccine for this disease. These resulting impairments of liver functions cause the disabilities associated with Hepatitis. The present study summarizes recent advances in understanding of biology of Hepatitis, clinical features of this disease and current diagnostic criteria and new approaches to treat the infection and immune mediated complications. The main objective of this project is to design the development of vaccine against hepatitis by Reverse Vaccinology Approach. Hepatitis c virus (isolate1) is the only viral strain that is causing liver chronic i.e. chronic disorders more globally with 4 different proteins. After screening all the proteins it was found out that the protein sequences with less identity was chosen. Antigen determinant was found out from particular protein sequence to find the epitope prediction through