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Studies on Antimicrobial Properties of Vegetable, Fruit & Spice Peels and Shells

Suvro Saha, ^Uma Ghosh and *John Barnabas

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The current study examines the extraction and assay of antimicrobial metabolites from peels and shells of vegetables, fruits and spices. Peels and shells are primarily discarded into environment as agro waste, nevertheless in our studies we initiate that these may well be explored for therapeutics, which could be economic, eco-friendly, presumed not to cause side effects as they originate from a natural source and therefore also benefit the waste management. Peels and shells were dried, powdered, followed by extraction with solvents such as acetone, methanol, hot water and cold water. Our findings report the antimicrobial effect of ten peels and shells against six species of bacteria and three species of fungi. The significance of our work also goes to show that all peels and shells except for the orange peels were probably the earliest investigation of this sort to survey such wastes for antimicrobial properties. Our findings demonstrate that, maximum antibacterial and antifungal action were experiential to be found by cold-water extraction of jackfruit against Proteus vulgaris and Aspergillus niger respectively