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Effect of Cadmium Chloride on the Histoarchitecture of Kidney of a Freshwater Catfish, Channa punctatus

*Nasrul Amin, Susan Manohar, Kamlesh Borana, T. A. Qureshi and Salma khan

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The present study conducted to investigate the effects of cadmium chloride induced histological alterations in the kidney of a freshwater catfish, Channa punctatus. The fishes exposed to 3mg/l (96 h LC50) and 5 mg (96 h LC50) of cadmium chloride for a period of 15 and 45 days. The most common changes in the kidney of fish exposed cadmium chloride were characterized by loosening of haemopoietic tissue, uriniferous tubules have lost their original appearance, vacuolated cytoplasm, degeneration in the epithelial cells of renal tubule, narrowing of the tubular lumen and damaged glomeruli.