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Comparative Ecophysiological Study of Tapinanthus Bangwensis, [Engl. And R. Krause] Danser (African Mistletoe) On Two Host Plants

O. Jacob Oyetunji*1 and D. E. Edagbo2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Some ecophysiological aspects of African mistletoe, Tapinanthus bangwensis, [Engl. and R. Krause] Danser on two hosts were investigated. The leaf mineral nutrient analysis, total reducing sugar content and chlorophyll content of the mistletoe and the hosts were estimated. The characteristic feature observed was that the Na concentration was similar in the mistletoe and its Citrus species host while it was significantly higher in Irvingia species. The Ca, Mg, P, N and chlorophyll were more in the hosts relative to the mistletoe. Also, the relative water content estimation carried out showed a high percentage level in which the hosts had slightly higher rates than the mistletoe at the period of rainy season but a contrary result was obtained in the dry season when the mistletoe maintained higher water content than the hosts. Based on the results achieved in this study, it can be asserted that mistletoe thrives on its hosts relative to the available nutrients, water content and to a slight extent on the host photosynthate; while the extent to which mistletoe can affect the host is dependent on how much of the resource is diverted by the parasite and also the overall supply available to the host. Key words: Mistletoe, Host, Mineral