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Nutritional and Anti-Nutritional Evaluation of Ji-otor and Ntubiri-ikpa Traditional Foods of Ikwerre Ethnic National in Nigeria

Amadi B. A.1 Duru M. K. C2*and Nwachukwu M.I3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Nutritional and anti-nutritional evaluation of Ji-otor and Ntubiriikpa traditional foods of Ikwerre ethnic national in South-Southern, Nigeria was carried out. Ji-otor and Ntubiri-ikpa were prepared with crops grown and processed within the locality. Results obtained revealed that both samples are high in moisture content when compared to those of other traditional foods, and could contribute carbohydrates as well as ash significantly to human nutrition. Their antinutrients were low to affect the nutrients in food hence, as foods of plant origin; these anti-nutrients may impact health benefits to the studied foods.