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Indigenous Methods of Conservation of Seeds and Other Propagules for Use in Subsequent Planting Seasons in Otukpa District of Benue State, Nigeria

D. E. Edagbo*, T. I. Borokini, D. A. Ighere and C. Michael

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The methods of conservation being employed by the rural farmers in Otukpa District of Benue State in Nigeria were the focus of this study. Eleven rural communities were randomly selected and 8 rural farmers were interviewed in each community. Questionnaires were deployed to elicit the methods of conservation generally practiced and other associated activities including the underlying factors propelling the conservation mission. Generally, the farmers subjected their seeds to drying in sunlight and different traditional pre-treatment before storage while the roots and tubers were buried in the soil using appropriate method. It was observed at the end of the study that the rural farmers were truly custodians of the natural resources in their domain and not poachers and that basically their indigenous knowledge and traditional methods of conservation were handed down to them from succeeding generations. By and large, the rural farmers have proved to be of inestimable asset to the sustainable use of plant genetic resources in our fast depleting ecosystem. It is therefore necessary to build a synergy between the rural farmers and scientists so that indigenous knowledge and modern sciences are integrated to showcase innovation and pragmatic agricultural practices.