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Evaluation of Heavy Metals Contamination due to Overburden Leachate in Groundwater of Coal Mining Area

Avantika Chandra1* and M. K. Jain2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Groundwater contamination with heavy metals released from mining activities is a worldwide environmental problem. The leachate generated from mine waste Overburden dumps may have the potential to pollute the surrounding water resources. This study conducted to evaluate the heavy metal concentrations in the groundwater of coal mining area. Groundwater samples analyzed based on their heavy metal concentrations such as Co, Cu, Ni, Fe, Mn, Zn and Pb. Subsequently, statistical methods employed to identify the controlling factors affecting the heavy metal constituents of the groundwater. Finally, the results were compared with the Drinking Water Quality Standard of the World Health Organization (WHO), India Standard for Drinking Water Specification (IS: 10500) and United States Environmental Protection Act (USEPA). The results of the present study indicate that, the concentration of Mn and Fe showed their presence in groundwater samples above the desirable limit recommended for the drinking water Quality Standards. Concentrations of other metals in most cases e found well within the threshold values. Concentration of Mn in the groundwater samples varied from