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Physico-Chemical Quality Assessment of the Drinking Water in the Summer Season in Tetova

Durmishi H. Bujar1*, Arianit A. Reka1, Murtezan Ismaili2 and Agim Shabani1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Water is the most essential product that is consumed by humans, which must be prevented from deterioration in quality. The quality of drinking water becomes even more important as water borne diseases spread through water. For this purpose, we assess the quality of drinking water in the city of Tetova with some physico-chemical parameters, which have a significant role in determining the portability of drinking water. The obtained results were compared with Macedonian standards as well as with those set by the WHO and the EU. In this research, parameters such as temperature, pH, EC, TRAE, TDS, COD, TOC, DOC, nitrates and chlorides were found to be within the permissible limits, while turbidity and residual chlorine in some cases were found to be below ore above the recommended limit. Finally, the Drinking Water Quality Index (DWQI) developed by Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environmentfor fifteen sample points is calculated. It has been found that drinking water in the 2011summer season was of an Excellent category (average value of DWQI = 95.26) and suitable for drinking. We recommend that the relevant municipal authorities make regular and proper amount disinfection of drinking water, as there is no compromise that can be made when it comes to the drinking water.