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Floristic Analysis of Manendragarh Flora District-Koria (Chhattisgarh) INDIA

Mantosh Kumar Sinha1* and Deepima Sinha2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Koria district in Chhattisgarh lies between 22 58' and 23 51' North Latitude and 8159' and 82 45' East Longitude and has a forest area of 81.23%. Average rainfall is 121.36 cm. and annual mean temperature is 24C.The district is dominated by Upper Gondwana rocks which are rich in deposition of coal. The district has a sizeable tribal population using enormous range of plants for their basic needs, sustenance and livelihood. The district has very rich plant diversity, including medicinal plants. Some plants species are on the verge of extinction. Keeping these points in view the present investigation was planned to enumerated floristic analysis of the medicinal plants observed in the wild conditions reveals that there are 284 genera and 364 species distributed in 93 families of seed plants. Three genera and four species of pteridophytes were also observed. Analysis also shows that there are 235 genera and 304 spp. representing dicot plants and 49 genera and 60 spp. representing monocots. The familywise Dicot/Monocot Ratio was 6.75; whereas, generawise D:M ratio was 4.79. At species level it was found to be 5.06. The generic coefficient was found to be 78.021.