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Studies on the production of Neutral Protease by Rhizopus oligosporus NCIM 1215 using Lablab purpureus seed powder under solid state fermentation

D. Siva Rama Prasad1* and K. Jaya Raju2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Among all the enzymes proteases have significant role. Proteases are the enzymes which causes the breakdown of proteins. In view of wider applications of these proteases, in the present study the production of neutral protease using Rhizopus oligosporus NCIM 1215 carried out under solid state fermentation. Various substrate powders (Lablab purpureus seeds, Diascoria alata, Tamarind seeds, Water melon peel, papaya peel ) were screened for the maximum yield of enzyme and it was found that Lablab purpureus seed powder has more potential to serve as a substrate for neutral protease production by the fungal strain Rhizopus oligosporus NCIM 1215. Various physico-chemical fermentation parameters were studied and optimized for the production of highly active neutral protease. The parameters optimized are fermentation time (4 days), fermentation temperature (400C), optimum pH (7), initial moisture content (160%), inoculums age (4 days old) and inoculums volume (1ml). The effect of supplements like carbon source lactose (1%) and nitrogen source casein (0.5%) were studied and maximum yield obtained is 258.57 U/gds. The proteases have wider applications in the field of food, pharmaceuticals and leather industries etc.