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Estimation of Food and Feeding Habit of an Endangered Fish Mahseer (Tor tor) in Culture Pond at Powerkheda Fish Farm, Central India

Jyoti Sharma1*, Alka Parashar1 and R.K. Garg2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The present investigation is undertaken to analyze the food and feeding habit of an endangered mahseer T. tor (a state fish of Madhya Pradesh) under pond conditions at the fish farm of fisheries federation, Powerkheda, Hoshangabad, India. Gut analysis showed that plant matter formed the main component of the gut contents and constituted about 45.31 % of the total food consumed, while insects constituted 22.65 %, molluscs 8.70%, algae 15.59%, and debris 3.59 %. The percentage of artificial feed was 4.762 %. However, the relative gut length (RGL) ranged from 0.421-2.112 and gastro-somatic index (GaSI) ranged from 1.39-3.66 % indicating their omnivorous tendency. The present study shows that, by providing different environmental condition to T. tor it accepts wide range of food available which suggest that, it can be cultured in various conditions that is important for its conservation and protection. The study provides important information on feeding index, index of preponderance, diet preference and feeding strategies which could be useful for aquaculture enhancement of this potential species for conservation significance.