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A Laboratory Studies on Conversion of Biomass into Energy Source Using Effective Microorganism


Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Biomass generation, treatment and disposal are both economic and environmental problem of concern for the urban communities, especially in fast population exploding countries like India. Biomass is the constitution of all plants, broken branches, Residues of agriculture wastes like rice husk, straw, leaves, sugar cane, etc., forest leaves, broken branches, wood chipping, timber mill residues, water hyacinth, algae, dropping of birds, animals, industrial wastes from food processing, sugar industries, slaughter house, meat packing plants, tanneries, etc., municipal wastes solid waste, sewage treatment plant sludge, etc., The present study deals the sources, treatment and strategies for future management of biomass. In this study a detailed analysis of the quantification, characterization and leachate analysis of the biomass from C.I.T campus and developed a procedure for conversion of compost from biomass using simple and inexpensive equipment of the type commonly available in the urban and rural households. Further, a lab scale biomass reactor and produce vermicompost using earthworm has developed and performance analysis of biomass were analysed. During the study, necessary convention techniques and analysis of the wastes had been undertaken. Similarly, the model prototype of the reactor and performance were evolved with necessary recommendations incorporated in the study.