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Optimization of Functional properties in laundry Soap of Bleached Palm Oil-Palm-Palm Kernel Oil-Groundnut Oil Composite with The Simplex Centroid Mixture Design

Essien, N.B, 2Udofia, P. G. and 1Jonathan, E. M.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The Simplex Centroid Mixture design of the response surface methodology (RSM) was used to determine the optimum proportions of bleached palm oil, palm kernel oil and groundnut oil in composite oil that would produce laundry soap with the optimum cleansing efficiency. Optimization analysis of the data showed that 0.200, 0.169, and 0.631 proportions of palm oil, palm kernel oil, and groundnut oil respectively, produced 44.491, 0.149, 2.209, and 7.726 of lather stability, acid free alkali, chloride and pH respectively at 68.70% desirability. Based on the results, less of the palm kernel oil should be present in the composite oil to produce the model soap.