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Performance of the Photogalvanic Cell for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage in Tween 60 Thioflavine T Ascorbic Acid System

K.R. Genwa* and C.P. Sagar

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The photogalvanic effect of Thioflavine T dye was proposed in H-cell consisting Tween 60Thioflavine TAscorbic acid system. The maximum Photopotential of 934.0 mV with 90.0 ?A of photocurrent was generated in cell. The experiments were performed in different pH conditions and dye concentrations. The system was found to generate maximum potential at pH 10.69. Photoreaction mechanism and effect of other factors were observed in detail. It is finally viewed that conversion based photogalvanic cell system has an additive advantage of low cost and good storage performance which makes this cost effective.