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Redox Reactions of Cobalt (III) Complexes of ?-Hydroxy Acids by Nicotinium Dichromate in Surfactants

A.Nazim Ahmed, Mansur Ahmed, N.Sakthi Guru

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The kinetics of one electron transfer mode seems to be unavailable for NDC with Cobalt (III) bound and unbound complexes of ?-hydroxyacids in surfactant medium, NDC oxidizes Cobalt (III) bound and unbound ?- hydroxyacids. It rules out the synchronous C-C bond fission and electron transfer to Cobalt (III) centre. Oxidation of above complexes increases with increase in temperature. The increase in the rate is observed with increase in the concentration of the surfactant. The added Cetylpyridinium chromate enhances the rate of oxidation of a reaction much more than ALS. Similar trends has been observed in lactato, glycolato and mandelatoCo (III) complexes