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Isolation of Protease Producing Bacteria from Soil and Genomic Library Construction of Protease Gene

Amandeep Kaur 1, Seema Ahuja2 * and Geetika Sharma3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Six soil samples were collected from various areas of Chandigarh and Kharar, out of which 3 were waste soil samples and 3 garden soil samples. In all, 16 isolates from the garden soil and the waste soils were processed for the isolation of bacterial species. Bacillus was selected as the major producer of proteases. The optimum temperature and pH for the growth of this genera was found to be 45C and 7 respectively by Well Assay Method. Gram staining and microbial study of microorganisms was done to determine the species. The screened microbial colonies revealed the protease producing species of Bacillus. A genomic DNA library was constructed and screened to obtain the corresponding protease gene. It is revealed from the present study that this protease shows high activity on skimmed milk plates by generating a clear zone of hydrolysis.