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Analysis of Ligand Molecule of Nef Protein of HIV-1

*Diksha Gautam, Mohammed Yaseen1 and Kusum Lata Sharma2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Nef stands for "Negative Factor. It is a accessory protein responsible for the infection in the host, survival and replication. Nef localize primarily to the cytoplasm but also partially to the Plasma Membrane of the host cell so to stop its function a ligand molecule or drug molecule is required. In this work we find out some drug molecule which can stops the Nef action according to their lowest energy. By comparing result on the basis of dock score we find out that Crambescidin 826 having -193.101, Integracin A having -181.87, cytosporic acid having -177.722 lowest energy, so on the basis of their dock score among all CRAMBESCIDIN 826 is the best drug molecule having lowest energy.