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Studies on Prevalence of Anemia in Growing Children at Age Group of 5-17 Years

Shivani Awasthi1, Rashmi Arnold2, Arti Saxena3, Rashmi Pandey4, Snehlata Pandey4 and Seema Tiwari5*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Due to deficiency of protein, the synthesis of hemoglobin is reduced. The RBCs are macrocytic and hypo chronic. Anemia is due to RBC destruction is increased due to intra vascular causes metabolic defects. Childhood and teenagers go spurts of rapid growth, which requires a great deal of iron.A balance diet with adequate amount of iron is important at these times. Pernicious Anemia is due to atrophy of the gastric mucosa because of autoimmune destruction of parietal cells. The gastric atrophy results in decreased production of intrinsic factor and poor absorption of vitamin B12 which is the maturation Factor for RBC. Before knowing the cause of this anemia, it was very difficult to treat the patients and the disease was considered to be fatal. Synthesis of hemoglobin begins in the proerythroblasts and continues even into the reticulocyte stage of the red cell. Therefore, when reticulocyte leave the bone marrow and pass into blood stream, they continue form minute quantities of hemoglobin for another day of so until they become Mature erythrocytes. The present investigation involves the prospects of prevalence of anemia in growing children at age group of 5-14.