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Ecological Studies of Natural Populations of Cosmos caudatus, H. B. K. With Special Reference to Pollination, Seed Behavior and Biomass Distribution

1Rashmi Arnold, 2*Seema Tiwari, 3Arti Saxena 4R. M. Mishra, 5Pranjali Anand and 5Rashmi Pandey

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Under different density dependent mortality situations and degree of intraspecific competition an organism is under positive selection to allocate a greater protection of its resources to reproductive or vegetative parts. Populations with density dependent regulation i.e., those which are better able to tolerate competition will be selectivity favored to allocate a greater proportion of resources to vegetative activities. The theoretical Notion Related with this problem is R and K selection. Keeping all this in view the studies were planned to investigate energy allocation situated and ecological strategies within species cosmos caudatus, H.B.K. the species exhibit a determinate growth as the apical meristems are converted into flower recepticles.