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Potential of Agaricus Bisporus for Bioremediation of Different Heavy Metals

Deepika Chauhan and Chandrakala Suhalka

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Bioremediation means to reduce heavy metals or toxic substances with the help of biological organism. Agaricus bisporus was noted potent for heavy metals bioremediation. Present study was conducted in aspects of change in biomass with the increasing concentrations of different heavy metals in spam of Agaricus bisporus. It was observed that maximum biomass was in control that was 0.0736 gm and minimum biomass in 100 ppm concentration of PbSO4 that was 0.0048. In AAS (Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer) analysis maximum concentration of absorbed heavy metal in 100 ppm concentration of PbSO4 i.e. 17.209 and minimum was in 25 ppm concentration of CuSO4 0.572.