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Harmful Effects on Human Body Tissues Due to Electromagnetic Waves of Radio Broadcasting at Frequency 1566 kHz

Arvind Kumar1*, Vijay Kumar2 and P. P. Pathak3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The medium frequency waves are used for amplitude modulation (AM) broadcasting in the frequency range 535 kHz 1705 kHz. The broadcasting stations are situated in public living environment. In this manuscript the studies are taken for the health effects in general public due to electromagnetic radiation at frequency of 1566 kHz. The people who are living near the AM broadcasting antenna may affected by this electromagnetic energy. So the penetrated electric fields and specific absorption rate (SAR) are calculated inside human body tissues using their electrical conductivity. The penetrated electric fields and SAR inside the selected tissues are calculated at 100 m and 150 m distances from antenna and the calculated values inside tissues at various depths are compared with the given permissible limit by the international agencies such as international commission for non-ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP), world health organization (WHO) etc. The results suggested that electromagnetic wave (EMW) of 1566 kHz frequency are harmful for the tissue life of the human body at various distances from the broadcasting antenna.