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On Lie Derivative and Affine Motion in a V -Recurrent * n F Equipped with Semi Symmetric Connection Coefficients

M. S. Arora* and S. B. Misra**

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

E. T. Davies1 has considered the generalisation of the Lie-derivatives to Finsler space Fn and its application to the theory of subspaces. By considering an infinitesimal transformation H. Rund2 and K. Yano3 have defined the Lie-derivatives of an arbitrary vector X i (x, x&) and the symmetric connection parameter *i ( , ) jk G x x& .In this paper, we have studied the Lie-derivatives of covariant and contravariant vectors in a Finsler space equipped with semi-symmetric connection as has been introduced by Mehar and Patel4 and have generalised the results thus obtained for tensor fields of various orders. The Liederivatives of semi-symmetric connection parameter have been discussed and an attempt has been made to obtain the commutation formulae involving the Lie-derivatives.