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Corrosion behavior of nickel-Chromium alloy in artificial sweat in presence of D-glucose

S.M. Lydia Christy

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

This paper deals with the corrosion behavior of metals in the presence of biological media such as sweat. Human sweat comes in contact with a number of consumer products. This results in a variety of undesirable effects such as corrosion and malfunction. The nature and strength of the passive film and the mechanism of its formation are explained based on detailed studies conducted under experimental conditions. Corrosion behaviour of three metals, namely, Aluminium, copper and nickel-chromium alloy in artificial sweat (the ISO standard ISO 3160-2) in presence of D-glucose has been studied by polarization study The study reveals that the decreasing order of corrosion resistance is Ni-Cr > copper > aluminium.