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Management of Water Quality: A Case Study of Bhopal City

Amit Dubey*, Suman Malik and Avinash Bajpai

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Water is the key element for life. Life began and is sustained by water. The need of water for human does not end on drinking water, but humans need water for irrigation, industrial and other uses as well. Therefore, dependable source of water has been the epicenter of human settlements since their beginning. However due to indiscriminate use, the precious water sources holding usable water are constantly shrinking. The demand of water is on a constant rise and the supply is constantly shrinking. This deficit in demand and supply of water is on a constant rise in most of the cities across the globe. The only sustainable solution to this very challenging problem seems to be the management of the water quality of existing water resources. Bhopal, the city of lakes ironically faces severe water crisis especially during the dry months of the year. Most of the water bodies present in and around the city holds sufficient water, though the quality of the water in them renders these waters unusable. The present paper deals with the management of water quality of water bodies present in the city of Bhopal so as to ensure their optimum utilization.