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Heavy Metal Tolerance and Accumulation by Bacterial Strains Isolated from Waste Water

Sankar Narayan Sinha* and Dipak Paul

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Heavy metal pollution for the last few decades is spreading throughout the world along with rapid industrialization. A large number of bacteria and their products can be highly efficient bio-accumulators of different forms of metals. The present study deals with isolation, enumeration and characterization of heavy metal tolerant bacteria isolated from the metal factory effluent. The three potential metal tolerating isolates were morphologically, physiologically and biochemically characterized. All isolates were found to be Gram positive cocci demonstrating physiological characteristics primarily indicative of the genus Aerococcus, though it needs further characterization. The study indicated the potentiality of the isolate GM1 to tolerate and accumulate significance amount of lead, which is indicative of use of this strain for bioremediation of lead pollution in the river Ganga in those metal contaminated area.