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Levels of Heavy Metals in Two Rivers of Tamilnadu for Predicting Pollution Loads

P.S. Krishnamoorthy1 and K. Nagarajan*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

River Cauvery, a perennial river in India is the lifeline of people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for irrigation and drinking. River Palar is a minor river of South India flowing through the state of Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The waters of both the rivers is being extensively harness from their banks for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes. The river water of the study area was grossly polluted in respect to heavy metal pollutants estimation and is mainly attributed to the high amount of raw industrial effluents that enters into the river, however the river water metal quality was below the permissible limits set by BIS 2004-05 and suitable for drinking purposes but the metals detected in the surface water but is very dangerous to the bottom dwelling organisms because of metals safely get deposited into the undisturbed bottom, which require continuous monitoring, adequate sanitary measures and metal removing process if the water is to be used for drinking purposes. When compared to River Palar, Cauvery was attained maximum amount of metals but River Palar water couldnt take from surface running water.