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Phytoremediation of Sugar Industry Effluent Using Typha angustata and Phragmites australis through Constructed Wetland

Patel Pratik and Dharaiya Nishith

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Constructed Wetlands (CW) are engineered wastewater treatment systems filled with porous media and planted with emergent wetland plants. The aim of this study was to analyze the phytoremoval effectiveness by Typha angustata and Phragmites australis to treat Sugar industry effluent in CW systems as vertical flow subsurface treatment. Local wetland soil CW showed significant improvement in all parameters. Phragmites australis gave 98.84% reduction in COD and 99.69% BOD whereas ammonical Nitrogen and organic Nitrogen was totally removed from the effluent. Treatment using Typha angustata reduces COD 76.90% and 89.21% BOD while NH3-N and organic Nitrogen were reduced 89.42% and 78.57% respectively. The results were also statistically verified using one way ANOVA and 2 tailed t-test Analysis. The study shows that sugar industry effluents treated in vertical flow subsurface wetland with Phragmites australis gives best reduction in all the parameters of water with retention time of 7 HRT.