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Experimental Study on Recovery of Copper from Electronic Waste by Electrolytic Process

Arensen Aier1, D.Prabhakaran2 and T.Kannadasan3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

As we know the growth of electronic waste (e-waste) is growing enormously day by day in todays world. Several studies are undergone for the recovery of various metals and non-metals through different process. Here in this paper a case study of recovery of copper from waste electronic waste (PCBs) has been done by using an electrolytic process. Where in two major steps involved i.e. dissolution of metals and recovery of copper by electro deposition. With the help of laboratory setup reactor waste PCBs were crushed, reduced in size through some preliminary treatment and was allowed to react with Conc. Nitric acid and water with a certain proportion. Where in this for dissolution process graphite rod was used as anode and a stainless steel plate was used as cathode. Dissolution was done for certain period of time and feed was taken out, dried and weighed to see the amount of metal dissolved in the solution. Next for the copper recovery the cathode electrode was replaced by a copper plate and copper recovery by electro deposition was preceded. At several intervals the copper plate was taken out and weighed to see the amount of copper deposited. In this way copper is recovered and ensures eco-friendly during the experiment, convenient and recover the metal values almost quantitatively.