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Metal Complexes of First Generation Sulfonylurea Antidiabetic Drug Chlorpropamide: Synthesis, Structural and Biological Evaluation.

Shruti S. Sarwade1*, W.N. Jadhav1 and B.C. Khade1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Novel complexes of Mn (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) with chlorpropamide [4- chloro-N-(propylcarbamoyl) benzene sulfonamide], have been synthesized and characterized using infrared (IR) spectroscopy, electronic spectroscopy, melting point, elemental analysis and conductivity measurements. From the elemental analyses data, the complexes are proposed to have the general formula [(C10H13ClN2O3S)2 Cl2 M], M=Mn (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II). The molar conductance data reveal that all the metal complexes are non-electrolytes. IR spectra show that chlorpropamide is co-ordinated to the metal ions in neutral bidentate manner with sulfonyl oxygen and enolic oxygen. From the magnetic data and electronic spectra, it is found that the geometrical structures of these complexes are octahedral. Antibacterial screening of the complexes were found to have varied degree of inhibitory effect against the bacteria.