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A Review of Computer Software for Innovative Chemical Structure Drawing and Spectra Prediction

Manish Kaushik

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

In recent years there has been an increasing research emphasis on complex macromolecular systems. These include polymers and coordination compounds with precise control of structures, multicomponent systems with higher degrees of organization, they involved in confined environments, nanochemistry and nanostructures, biopolymers and bio-inspired chemistry. Successful Spectroscopic studies of these complexes require judicious applications of existing techniques and development of new or improved strategies and methodologies. In this article various Chemical drawing and Spectra prediction computer software are compared and analyzed for their role in research in complex macromolecular systems. We have compared various software like Accelrys (Symyx) Draw, ChemDraw (ChemBioDraw), DrawIt, ChemSketch, ChemDoodle, Chemistry 4-D Draw, MarvinSketch and MestreNova NMR Predict.