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Mercury Removal from Aqueous Solution using Mixed Mineral Systems Injected with Iron Sulfide under Sulfidic- Anoxic Conditions 1: Reactivity and Removal Kinetics

D.E. Egirani1, J.E. Andrews2, A.R. Baker2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

This study investigates the reactivity and removal kinetics of mercury on single and mixed mineral systems from aqueous solution, injected with iron sulfide under sulfidicanoxic condition. The sorbents used were iron sulfide, kaolinite, montmorillonite, goethite, and their mixtures. The effects of, proton coefficient, and sorption kinetics were studied in batch mode at room temperature (23 2 ?C). Reactivity studies reveal that proton coefficient of single mineral systems are greater than one, thus indicating that the presence of thiol (?S-H) and hydroxyl (?Me-OH) functional groups and reactive sites enhances high level of protonation during the reaction process. Kinetic studies demonstrate two- phase reactions attributed to outer sphere complexation and inner sphere complexation. Differences exist in sorption kinetics between the single and mixed mineral phases and may be attributed to differences in the BET surface area of these mineral systems. Differences between actual and theoretical sorption is complex over time, thus exhibiting differential reaction pattern for the mixed mineral systems.