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Radiation Doses to Patients Undergoing Some Selected X-Ray Diagnostic Procedures

Nworgu O. D.1 and Bamidele L.2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The level of dose and its distributions in adult patients undergoing seven selected common types of x-ray examination in two public hospitals in Nigeria were investigated using exposure parameters. A total of 224 patients were included in this investigation. The ages of the patients involved were from 18 years to 75 years, while their average weights ranged from 67kg to 73kg. Mean, median, first and third quartiles, and maximum to minimum ratio of Entrance Surface Doses (ESDs) are determined. The results show that for each of the examinations, the individual ESD values were found to be comparable with those from similar studies in Ghana, Sudan and in Nigeria. When compared with established international reference doses, the mean ESDs were found to be below the reference values, except in chest AP and pelvis AP where the ESDs of 0.47mGy and 12.0mGy were recorded. The value of ESD obtained was validated by direct measurement using thermo luminescent dosimeter (TLD). The difference between the calculated and the measured radiation dose was quite small.