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Defensive Role of Antioxidant Enzymes Peroxidase, Esterase and Catalase in Beauveria Species under Abiotic Stress Stimuli

Padmini Palem P.C* and Padmaja.V1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Beauveria isolates which manifested endurance to a set of abiotic stress stimuli were selected for understanding the changes in antioxidant enzymatic profiles under in vitro conditions. Three antioxidant enzymes i.e., peroxidase, esterase and catalase profiles were evaluated by native PAGE method. Stress induced alterations in expression of isozymes were recorded in selected isolates when compared with corresponding isozyme profiles of positive and negative controls. Results of the present study furnish evidence for defensive role of above mentioned enzymes against deleterious effects of stress induced by abiotic stimuli in entomopathogenic fungal isolates of Beauveria