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Chemical Characterization of Some Fish Sold in Lome (Togo)

Tomkouani Kodom*, Etchri Amouzou, Phint Nambo, Gbandi Djaneye-Boundjou, L. Moctar Bawa

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Fish is the most eaten sea food in Togo. Its bad conservation is a risk for the health of the consumer. The aim of this study is to determine the chemical quality of fish sold in Lom. Biogenic amines such as Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (TVB-N), trimethylamine (TMA) and Histamine were analysed in different fish sampled in Lom (Togo). TVB-N and TMA were determined by extraction with trichloroacetic acid and perchloric acid. Extraction with perchloric acid gives high yield in the case of shark, smoked and salted fish. However, trimethylamine (11.2 to 103.4 mg/100 g) is the most common compound. Histamine was determined by the colorimetric method after extraction with distilled water. In all scombrod fish (Mackerel) sampled in nine big markets of Lom, histamine content was higher than 50 mg/100 g of dried fish, a standard established by FDA (USA). This study clearly suggests a certain degree of decomposition of most fish sold under aerobic conditions in Lom markets probably due to poor hygienic practices.