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Utilization of Water Resources and Fishing Patterns in Kashmir Valley A Case Study

Imtiyaz Qayoom*, Asifa Wali, M. H. Balkhi and Bilal Ahamad Bhat

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Kashmir valley is home for number of water bodies wherein variety of fishes and serve food to a large number of people in the region. Moreover, the aquacultural practices adopted at government and private levels have boosted the fish production to meet the demand of protein in the valley. Jammu and Kashmir State has achieved the record annual fish production of 19.9 thousand tonnes annually out of which Kashmir province contributes more than 80%. In this paper, growth pattern of three different fish species viz. Trout, Mirror carp and Country fish in Kashmir province of J&K was assessed using fish production data from 1956-57 to 2011-12. Forecasting of fish production has been also made on the basis of best fitted statistical models. It is observed that Kashmir province has shown a continuous growth rate of 4.2% in fish production since 1956-57. Cubic model was found to be the best fitted model for all the species. However, when future fish production of the valley was taken into consideration, the statistical models indicated that overall fish production of the valley is showing a decreasing trend. Moreover, it is the matter of concern that we are yet unable to meet the target of 70,000 thousand tonne consumption of fish required to meet the demand of protein in the region despite the increasing trend shown by the annual fish production data