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Changes in the Color and Sensitivity of the Tongue in Adult Women After COVID-19 Treatment

Changes in the Color and Sensitivity of the Tongue in Adult Women After COVID-19 Treatment

Luciana de Barros Correia Fontes, Maria da Conceição de Barros Cor-reia, Kátia Maria Gonçalves Marques, Pedro Henrique Bezerra Fontes, Nayara Ferreira da Silva, Marília Cleide Tenório Gomes, Rita de Cássia Barreto Fernandes, Daniele Andrade da Cunha, Hilton Justino da Silva, Leonardo Bezerra Cavalcanti dos Santos and Niedje Siqueira de Lima

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Objectives: to describe the changes in color and sensitivity of the tongue in adult women, in the period after the treatment of COVID-19 and explain the dental conduct for treatment. Case report: there was a request for dental evaluation by a public and re-ference University Hospital in the city of Recife, northeast of Brazil. The patient in question was a 33 years-old white female. There was a history of diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19, with antibiotic, antipyretic and medication for worms, with the complaint of much sensitivity and change in language. The physical examination showed gingivitis in the lower sextant, with spontaneous gingival bleeding and dark spots on the dorsum of the tongue, associated with increased discomfort in the region. It was observed that the patient did not receive any orientation about oral hygiene, even with the report of pain in this region. It was opted for the orientation of the hygienization, with the reinforcement of the cleanness of the tongue, cheeks with hydrogen peroxide or oxygenated water to 10 volumes and the reinforcement for the ingestion of vitamin C, beyond the control of the biofilm, for the treatment of the gingivitis in the anterior and inferior sextant. Conclusions: this report covers the control made in seven days, being the images referring to the third day after the guidelines. There was a change in the color of the tongue and sensibility, with regular ingestion of food and liquids. There was also an improvement in gingivitis, but control is necessary.Keywords: Oral Health; Tongue; Coronavirus Infection