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Unknown Mystery of Microchimerism

Unknown Mystery of Microchimerism

Osman Demirhan, Bülent Demirbek

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Chimera is defined as a monsterous made up of parts of multiple animals in mythology. Today, the term chimera is used in the fields of genetics and molecular biology to describe living entities that emerge or are created as mixtures of separate entities. There-fore, microchimerism (Mc) is defined by the presence in an individual of a small number of cells or DNA belonging to a genetically dif-ferent individual. Pregnancy is the most common and natural cause of chimerism and occurs by the bi-directional passage of hemato-poietic cells through the placenta between mother and fetus. Bidirectional cell exchange between pregnant woman and fetus during pregnancy potentially leads to microchimerism (Mc) in both the mother and the fetus. Therefore, we are all born as microchimeric.Keywords: Microchimerism; Fetal-Maternal Microchimeric Cells; Autoimmune Diseases; Viral Disease; Canser; Jung-Archetypal