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Small Things, Big Responses

Small Things, Big Responses

Abhimanyu Mohanta

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

mall is beautiful'' is a popular proverb. But, small is power-ful and has big responses which can be well apprehended in con-nection with role of microRNA (miRNA or miRs) in cancer biology. MicroRNAs are small, endogenous, non-coding RNAs with 19-24 nucleotides in length regulating post-transcriptional gene expres-sion [1]. Normally, these control many biological processes includ-ing growth, development, cellular metabolism and body immunity during patho-physiological conditions. Under abnormal condition, miRNAs express aberrantly and may act as oncogenes, tumor suppressors, or metastasis regulators. Multiple factors including malfunctioning of the miRNA processing machinery, mutation of oncogene due to positional effects, and epigenetic mechanisms contribute a lot to the complex miRNA-mediated gene network misregulation followed by tumorigenesis and metastasis