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The Image Of Modern Filipino Pirates: Dimensions And Implications Of Media Piracy

Zoe Andrea M. Rilloraza, Juan Carlos T. Abad, Khyle Angeline F. Cabilan, Lorry John O. Cervantes, Ruflyle A. Fontanilla, Diane Grace F. Gapuz, Kryzel O. Macato, Roland O. Opea, Cherelle Nica A. Pulido, Fernando P. Oringo

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Media piracy is slowly increasing its popularity, in the Internet, in the market, schools and the community. Day by day, millions of information is either being downloaded or uploaded to or from the Internet and making media piracy a lot more popular than it is already. Enjoying the comfort of their beds and by just clicking, pirates have already earned thousands in just a minute, which attracts people to join the pack. There is no doubt that media piracy could take over the world, because in just over three decades it became a global matter. It became a monster of the society. This study is all about The Image of Modern Filipino Pirates: Dimensions and Implications on Media Piracy. This study was conducted in Lorma Colleges Special Science High School and its respondents were 3rd year and 4th year students and the Faculty of LCSSHS. This study focused on the following theories such as Rational Choice Theory, Social Learning Theory and Self-Control Theory.