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Self-Efficacy In Classroom Management Of Faculty Members Of The University Of Eastern Philippines

Miriam B. Giray, Ronato S. Ballado

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Our behaviour is influenced by how much we believe we can do things. If a teacher believes s/he can manage the classroom well, then there is a probability that s/he will be able to do it. The study determined the level of self-efficacy in classroom management of faculty members of the University of Eastern Philippines. It determined the relationship of the level of self-efficacy to faculty profile such as age, sex, educational attainment and academic rank. Using the 8-item classroom management efficacy part of the Teacher Efficacy Scale, the study covered 136 faculty members of the University of Eastern Philippines who were sampled from all colleges. Descriptive correlational design was used and employed statistical tools such as frequency counts, means, ranking, percentages and multiple regression analysis. Data revealed that majority of the faculty members are female, have age range of 41-60, with Instructor rank and have at least Doctoral units. The faculty members have a Very High level of self-efficacy on classroom management. No significant relationship was found between the level of efficacy and the sex, age, academic rank and educational attainment. The study recommended the conduct of further studies correlating the level of efficacy with other teacher-related variables.