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Design and Development of PDMS based Channel for Fluid Analysis

Design and Development of PDMS based Channel for Fluid Analysis

Prakash Rewatkar, Suresh Balpande and Jayu Kalambe

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Objectives: Design, fabrication and characterization of different shapes of PDMS based fluidic channels without clean room process to give the consumer an opportunity for detection of few common adulterants in milk. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The detail fabrication process of PDMS based microchannel and experimental analysis carried out for determination of adulteration in milk using colorimetric detection method is carried out. Findings: Recently there has been great deal of interest of polymer for fabrication of Microfludics devices. One of its great advantage is it does not required clean room process for prototyping of Microfludics chips. In this work we have fabricated and characterize different shapes of channels without clean room process. Experiments to detect Starch in the milk were carried out using the fabricated micro channel. Complete system including micro channel, ardruino microcontroller and TCS3200 colour sensor has been developed to detect the adulteration in milk. Application/Improvements: This system can provide a great platform for fluid analysis and biosensor applications.