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Human Resources Audit: Dimensions Increased Productivity and Job Performance (Ethnographic Study of the Bureau of Human Resources at the University of Widyatama)

Daniel T. H. Manurung, Retno Paryati

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Human Resources Audit is a systematic and objective assessment of the examination, as well as documenting the organizational functions that are affected by the management of human resources with a view to ensuring compliance with the principle of appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency in the management of human resources for the achievement of organizational goals, objectives and functions of the work program to improve the productivity performance of the staff of the University of Widyatama. This study tries to reveal the importance of the audit of human resources in achieving the productivity and performance of employees at the University Widyatama. This research was conducted on the assessment of the Bureau of Human Resources for the performance of its employees, whether working well run each program of work and behave according to the cultural character and discipline in accordance with the behaviour of the corporate culture to improve productivity and performance by applying the principle of reward and punishment for put positions. This study uses qualitative and ethnographic approach interpretive paradigm through observation and in-depth interviews of the informants in the bureau of human resources to find out the gains in accordance with the characteristics, culture, discipline and motivation of employees working at the University of Widyatama.