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The Relationship Of Elementary Pupils Final Test Score And Their Conduct Grades In School Of Saint Anthony, Quezon City

Erwin Yancy A. Erbina, William Jerick L. Mambil, Gene Paula B. Pinuela, Ann Stefanie A. Pecson, Ava Ann P. Semorlan, Jasmer Omaria M. Sugay

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship of the Elementary pupils final test score in CL/GMRC and their conduct grades. This study was conducted to 941 Elementary pupils of the School of Saint Anthony with ages ranging from 6 to 13 years old. This research is quantitative in nature and used the descriptive design. Frequency, percentage, means and Pearson r correlation served as the statistical tools of the study. The gathered means displayed that the elementary girls obtained higher scores in their final written exams and conduct grades than the boys. This is apparent across all grade school levels based on the computed means. The collected data present that most of the girls seemed to be more concerned with their grades and conscious with their school behavior compared to the boys. Weak positive relationships between the final written scores and conduct grades were determined based on the computed Pearson r in each grade level. Grade 1 obtained a person r of .176, grade 2 got an r of .294, grade 4 gained an r of .24 , grade 5 obtained and r of .23 and grade 6 gained an r of .28. A moderate positive relationship, on the other hand, was calculated for the grade 3 level (.362). It can be derived from these findings that conduct grades in the Elementary levels may serve as a potential variable for the grade school pupils to achieve higher academic grades, particularly in the grade 3 level which is the transition level from lower school to middle school. Teachers, parents and other adults in the lives of the Elementary pupils play important roles in imbibing to the children the importance of being well disciplined in class to attain higher scores during exams.