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Creacin de una matriz orgnica como componente estructural de una biocermica de fosfato triclcico colombiano

Mara Chitiva; Sergio Snchez; Giovanni Correa; Mara Tovar, Jess Daza

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Objective: to compare microstructures of tricalcium phosphate matrices in Colombia (FTCC) using albumin, collagen, polyvinyl alcohol and varying pressure and temperature, electron microscopy confirmed scaninng (SEM). Materials and methods: we used to ABASQUIM FTCC1 FTCC2 LTDA and EMU, mixed with different pore forming agents hydrated with 0.9% saline, distilled water subjected to 8 Tons, 1200 C, observed at (SEM). Results: collagen and albumin, non-formed matrix, the macro-formed PVA microporosity, the junction FTCC1 molecular clusters formed between particles, defined crystallization systems with chemical interconnections, a porosity of 10 microns, the matrices were found FTCC2 morphology flatter, strong intermolecular bonds, microporous 3?m. Conclusions: the stability of interconnections improves the mechanical properties by chemical association between the particles and the polyol FTCC mediated by elevated temperature and pressure, the regularity of the pore space is released by melting the PVA.