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Climaterio: oleadas de calor y otros sntomas en indgenas Zenes colombianas

Liezel Ulloque Caamao, Sol Mara Carriazo Julio, lvaro Monterrosa Castro, ngel Paternina Caicedo

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: hot flashes (HF) are an important clue with different prevalence by ethnicity, menopausal status. The aim of our research was to evaluate the frequency and severity of HF, and estimate the risk of symptomatic women other menopausal symptoms attendant. Method: cross-sectional study as part of the CAVIMEC (Quality of Life Menopause and Colombian Ethnic groups), performed with the scale Menopause Rating Scale in Colombian Zenues indigenous shelter of San Andrs de Sotavento, (Cordoba, Colombia), aged between 40 and 59 years. The analysis of the results was performed using Epi-info. 3.5.1 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA, 2008). Results: 596 (86.0%) of the 693 involved had HF and only 1% had severe manifestation. Symptomatic women were 51.2 5.7 years, education 4.6 4.6 years, 88.4% with 98.2% couples with Children, and 14.9% used hormone therapy. 4.5% premenopausal, 12.6% perimenopausal and postmenopausal 62.9%. HF prevalence moderate + severe increased with changes in the menopausal state. Risk factors were low education and age older than 45 years. Vaginal dryness, bladder and sexual problems were presented concomitantly elevated HFor an adjusted model. Conclusion: the presence of HF was elevated in Zenues but low presence of severe symptoms. Urogenital symptoms had concomitant significant presence.