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Concordancia de tres mtodos para la determinacin de la hemoglobina en donantes de un banco de sangre de Medelln, Colombia 2012

Carmen Yulieth Mantilla Gutirrez, Roco Prez Escobar, Jaiberth Antonio Cardona Arias

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: hemoglobin quantification is fundamental in the selection of blood donors, but has reported varying results depending on the methodology used for its determination. Methods: cross-sectional study. Hemoglobin was quantitated in 70 donors by the Sysmex XE2100 and Compolab. We also determined reticulocyte hemoglobin, We surveyed about smoking and physical activity. The correlation between parameters was assessed using the intraclass correlation coefficient. Data were analyzed in SPSS Results: the mature erythrocyte hemoglobin was statistically higher in men and in smokers. There were no differences by age group and physical activity. There was good agreement between the results of Compolab and Sysmex. There was a low intraclass correlation coefficient between reticulocyte hemoglobin and mature erythrocyte hemoglobin. Conclusions: the donor selection may be based on hemoglobin given by hemoglobinometer whose quantifications are interchangeable with the Sysmex XE2100.