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Calidad de vida en pacientes en tratamiento de cncer de mama, Pereira, Colombia 2010

Claudia Lorena Marn Kelso; Dayron Fernando Martnez Pulgarn; Felipe Vera Polana; Silvio Echeverri Rendn; Diana Marcela Muoz Urbano; Karen Quelal Achinchoy; Diana Marcela Snchez Castao; Silvia Fernanda Urbano Garzn

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: breast cancer diagnosis and treatment are stressing occurrences that generate psychopathological difficulties in patients and a detriment in their quality of life. Methods: a cross-sectional study was performed in 58 women ages 35 to 65 who were diagnosed with breast cancer.The women received treatment at Oncologos de Occidente S.A in Pereira. The information was gathered using a survey that asked about: physical and psychological health, social relations and sexual behavior. Data was tabulated using Microsoft Excel 2007 and analyzed with SPSS version 17.0. Frequency distributions, univariate and bivariate analysis for demographic variables were performed; hypothesis testing was done over the mean score obtained in the tests. The questionnaire was validated through a pilot test and the analysis of its internal reliability when including or not the question about sexual activity (Chrombachs alpha= 0.703 and 0.77 respectively). Results: most of the women reported their quality of life as good (T = 24.9 and statistical significance