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Resultados de la capacitacin a cuidadores de Adultos Mayores en el Departamento de Risaralda 2011 (Colombia)

Eliana Agudelo Garcia, Martha Luisa Ros Idrraga, Martha Elena Gonzlez Pardo, Erica Yuliana Rivera Ramrez, Hctor Fabio Vlez Bedoya

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: we present the results of the training provided to caregivers of older adults in the department of Risaralda 2011. Methods: a qualitative approach evaluation. In total 121 direct and indirect caregivers of the 15 Elderly Welfare Centers (EWC) of the 14 municipalities of Risaralda, with government support. 22 focus groups were organized. The information was recorded, transcribed, coded and categorized. Results: caregivers showed motivation and interest in learning new ways to meet the needs of the institutionalized elderly. The relevant three categories of analysis was company, physical activity and protection. Conclusion: the educational inte rvention reflects the contribution and interest of directors, employees and volunteers caregivers of the EWC in improving quality of life of older adults.