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Seguimiento a variables fisiolgicas de donantes de sangre que presentaron Reacciones Adversas a la Donacin. Fundacin Hematolgica Colombia

Harold Fabin Cruz Bermdez, Jorge Enrique Moreno Collazos, Luz Dary Ramrez, Anglica Patio Pedraza, Magaly Delgado, Mnica Patricia Restrepo Sierra

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: adverse vasovagal reactions are an unexpected process that affects donors perception; in this the physiological variables become an evaluation tool of their health state. Method: a cross-sectional retrospective and inferential study was made in Fundacin Hematolgica Colombia. Results: the study population was formed by 627 adverse vasovagal records, in which 65.9% (n=413) were females, the average age was 27,4 years, the average weight of the population was 62,4 kilograms, the moderate reaction was the most predominant with 49,2%. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure suffered significant changes during the monitoring (p=0,000) in the three types of reactions.