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Consumo y dependencia a nicotina, alcohol y otras drogas, en docentes de una universidad de Medelln, Colombia

Andrs Felipe Tirado Otlvaro, Juan David Velsquez-Tirado, Alberto Rafael Vargas Garca, Jaime Horacio Toro Ocampo

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: while use and alcohol, nicotine and drug dependence have increased in the world, this issue has not been studied in faculty members. Methods: cross-sectional study that determined the frequency, reasons of use, and nicotine, alcohol and drug dependence, in faculty members at a university of Medellin. CAGE, Fagerstrom and DUSI tests were applied to 338 teachers. Results: median age was 39 years. Lifetime frequency of alcohol use was 92,3%, nicotine 45,9% and other drugs 26,3%. The most commonly used drug was marijuana (21,0%). 0,9% had a risk of alcohol dependence, 0,64% were highly dependent on nicotine and only one teacher had a high risk of drug dependence. Conclusion: although use of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs was higher than Colombian population, the risk of dependence on these substances was low.